Tywin seems a hard man to you, but he’s no harder than he’s had to be. Our own father was gentle and amiable, but so weak his bannermen mocked him in their cups. Some saw fit to defy him openly. Other lords borrowed his gold and never troubled to repay it. At court they japed of toothless lions. Even his own mistress stole from him. A woman scarcely one step above a whore, and she helped herself to my mother’s jewels! It fell to Tywin to restore House Lannister to its proper place. Just as it fell to him to rule this realm, when he was no more than twenty. He bore that heavy burden for twenty years and all it earned him was a mad king’s envy. Instead of the honor he deserved, he was made to suffer slights beyond count, yet he gave the Seven Kingdoms peace, plenty and justice. He is a just man. -  Kevan Lannister (A Storm Of Swords).

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5/? pictures of hiddles

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So, I’m now first year in Uni and frankly I’m scared as hell. Good thing I still have few of my batch mates going to the same school and some are taking up the same course as i am. I was training for my sport during summer break so I got several faces familiarized. And by the start of classes I…

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#Castiel knows hundreds of languages #and thousands of ways to say any given thing #but i don’t think there was ever a word for him #that meant as much #as ‘Dean’ (tags from dirtyovercoats)

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1x11 vs. 1x13.

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Doctor who - series 2

↳ blue

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Dean: It’s a… blood sugar thing. My apologies.

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Jenna + midriffs and leather pants

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